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Upcoming Classes & Events

Here you will find a listing of the classes that I'll be teaching in the near future along with any upcoming events where I'll be speaking on infant massage. They are listed in order of occurrence. If you would like to participate in one of the classes, I encourage you to resister right away, as space is limited. If you don't see a class here that meets your needs (time, budget, etc.) please use our Request Info Form and I'll be happy to work with you based on your specific situation.

Individual Instruction and Small Group Classes

Participants in this infant massage class will learn and practice a combination of research based and ancient massage strokes, colic/gas and congestion relief routines, gentle exercises to enhance coordination, and learn how to adapt massage for the growing child. Tuition includes oil and massage sequence materials. Please bring a pillow and blanket.

  • Ages: Babies 4 weeks to pre-crawling with up to 2 caregivers per baby. Expectant parents also welcome.
  • Dates, Times & Fees: Arranged Individually or With Group
  • Location: Instructor's Home in Lynnwood or Your Home/Facility.
  • To Register: Call (206) 508-3024

REMEMBER: If you don't see any classes listed or if none of the current classes shown meet your needs...No Problem! Just use our Request Class Info form and we'll contact you as soon as possible and help you find a class just right for you.