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What Do Cheryl's Students Have To Say?

Below you will find testimonials and comments of parents and/or professionals who have attended the class series, an introduction class, or received individual instruction.

  • "My baby and I are very bonded and infant massage gave us a great communication avenue."
  • "Infant massage helped greatly with my baby's colic."
  • "Massaging my baby helped my baby sleep a lot better and helped her with gas. She also enjoyed it."
  • "My son loves the closeness and stimulation during massage time."
  • "My baby girl loves attention and physical touch, so massage was a way give her both and benefit her as well."
  • "Cheryl was excellent in demonstrating and using terms that were easily understandable."
  • "Cheryl had a great knowledge of the material and was able to explain and demonstrate the techniques very well. She also had a genuine love and excitement to share infant massage with others."
  • "You kept things very simple, which is essential when working with young/teen parents. They were given very valuable information about the benefits of infant massage, both for bonding and health. Every one of the parents has gone home and tried massage with their children. Even parents of toddlers who were skeptical that it could be done, have found times and ways to make it fit."
  • "Even this basic introduction to Infant/Toddler massage has provided children and parents a new activity to use in their daily bonding activities."
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"