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Parent-Infant Relationship

Bonding and attachment are extraordinary processes that are driven by unconditional love and commitment. It is an unique relationship that fills you with an overwhelming sense of joy and love. Deep love for another is the greatest unifying force and is expressed by showing respect, self-sacrifice, and selfless giving. It is a strong tie like no other, with several precious rewards and blessings as the relationship and love grow over time.

Enjoyment with your child is key to the bonding and attachment process. Children fall in love with the people who enjoy them, who help them enjoy themselves, and who help them realize their full potential. The most precious treasures are often the simple things like taking the time to listen and talk with your baby, playing with your baby, cuddling with your baby, massaging your baby, singing with your baby, and appropriately responding to your baby's cues. These initial years of life and the bonding process are cornerstones of development, essential to a child's ability to explore their world and develop their own character.

Infant massage is a wonderful way to enhance the bond between parent and child. Massage combines intimacy, nurturing touch, play, and that one on one time to connect with your baby. A baby learns to enjoy the comfort and security of the tender communication exemplified during massage as well as improving the parent's feeling of confidence in being able to connect with and care for their baby. Overall, infant massage beautifully integrates several elements necessary for bonding and attachment and can be one of the greatest gifts that you give your baby and yourself